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Supporting Formula E, a cool, super fast, futuristic race series that's kind to the environment!

What is Formula E?

An earth-friendly race series that features racecars powered completely by electricity.

Where are they racing?

Formula E races are held every year in countries around the world, including the United States and the United Kingdom. At long last, a race that will be held in Japan was announced. We’re now looking forward to it!

Why Nissan is participating?

Nissan debuted the Nissan LEAF, a 100% electric car, in 2010.
Since then, there have been many electric cars introduced around the world.
Formula E helps people learn about how great electric cars are, which is why Nissan and other car makers are participating.

Who is driving for Nissan?

Formula E has some of the most competitive drivers in the world.

Norman Nato

Norman Nato

Norman joined the Nissan team this season. He is an experienced driver with a track record of Formula E victories.

Date of Birth
July 8, 1992

Sacha Fenestraz

Sacha Fenestraz

23-year-old Sacha has been competing in Japanese races since 2019. He is a driver expected to play a major role in the future.

Date of Birth
July 28, 1999

What teams are participating?

In addition to Nissan, world-famous automobile manufacturers such as Jaguar, Maserati, and Porsche, as well as famous racing teams such as McLaren and Penske, are participating.

Nissan Formula E!

New cars are making their debut in Formula E racing this year. The Nissan Formula E team also created a new color scheme for their cars. The new scheme incorporates the SAKURA (cherry blossom), a flower that symbolizes Japan!

Comparing a Formula E racecar and a Nissan LEAF


They're made of the same rubber,
but they're not the same size or weight

Steering Wheel

Both help guide, but the racecar has a different shape and many buttons to access information.

Rear Wing

Required in Formula E for stability and speed

Comparison01 Comparison01
Comparison02 Comparison02
Comparison03 Comparison03
Comparison04 Comparison04
Comparison05 Comparison05

Side Mirror

Found on both vehicles, the Formula E side mirrors are small to improve aerodynamics.


The racecar seat is built to be lightweight and hug the driver. LEAF seats are made for comfort over long drives.

Comparison01 Tire
Formula E
Nissan LEAF

In Formula E, the rear tires are bigger and fatter to make sure as much power is used as possible.
They're 110mm wider than Nissan LEAF tires because the racecar needs more grip.
Their width provides a perfect balance of grip and road contact to zip around Formula E tracks.

Comparison02 Steering Wheel
Formula EFormula E
Nissan LEAF Nissan LEAF

You can see both steering wheels are a different shape.
Nissan LEAF has a round wheel which makes it easier to control when making big turns.
Formula E has a different shape because there aren't any big turns, and you don't have to change the grip between your right and left hands.
A screen in the middle shows a lot of different information. This feature is unique to Formula E.

Comparison03 Rear Wing
Formula E
Nissan LEAF

Formula E has a big rear wing like an airplane, keeping the racecars firmly on the track using air pressure, allowing them to go faster.
Nissan LEAF's rear wing has a similar purpose, but is designed differently for lower speeds and daily driving stability.

Comparison04 Side Mirror
Formula E Formula E
Nissan LEAFNissan LEAF

The mirrors in both cars let drivers see behind them.
Those in Nissan LEAF cars help people drive safely, but in Formula E cars mirrors are used to see what your opponents are doing and stop them overtaking you.

Comparison05 Seat
Formula E Formula E
Nissan LEAF Nissan LEAF

Nissan LEAF's seats are cushioned to make them comfortable when driving.
In Formula E, the cushions are removed to make the car as light as possible so it can go faster.
The seats are made to perfectly fit the shape of each driver's body.


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