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We support our clients in achieving high-aiming management goals by sharing the management and Kaizen know-how Nissan has built-up over decades of automobile manufacturing.

V-up Support Success Stories

V-up Support Success Stories
Success Stories in Detail

Solving problems in everyday business tasks

◆ Company A: Revitalizing regular meetings

We introduced facilitation skills to reach conclusions that all participants accept. We shared a common awareness that we were all aiming in the same direction even though our positions and ways of thinking were different.

Employees and management joining forces to resolve issues

◆ Company B: Finding and structuralizing issues in business duties for meeting management goals

A sense of unity was created between non-managerial employees and the management level. We were able to tackle issues from both the positive and negative sides.

Addressing challenges across an entire globally expanding company

◆ Company C: Creating processes for developing competitive products

Participation from members outside the development division helped us incorporate customer demand. Establishing methods to create a process, made it easy to apply them to different regions around the world.

NPW Support Success Stories

NPW Support Success Stories
Support Themes

◆ Streamlining processes to handle production of multiple models in variable quantities and shortening lead times

Main results: Production lead time shortened by 20%, productivity improved by 25%

◆ Reducing production losses by improving the production plan’s degree of precision

Main results: Productivity improved by 20%, production plan achievement rate reached 100%

◆ Improving of Genba management level by standardizing tasks

Main results: Defective operation rate reduced by 30%, system for improving work skills created

Maintenance Support Success Stories

Maintenance Support Success Stories
Support Themes

◆ Supporting activities to improve capacity utilization rate by adopting Nissan way of equipment maintenance

Main results: Capacity utilization rate improved by 30%, awareness of Genba maintenance improved, adoption of automated equipment operation data acquisition system

◆ Developing next-generation equipment with no-defects design through special activities that combine manufacturing, maintenance and production technology

Main results: Equipment failure rate reduced by 30%, adoption of system for next-generation equipment with no-defects design

◆ Recurrence prevention activity, fostering of equipment management leaders

Main results: Achievement of an optimal planned maintenance system