Consultant Profiles

Consulting by Nissan

Our highly experienced consultants provide clients with a level of service unavailable anywhere else


Kenji Tamaura

  • Joined Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. in 1978.
  • After positions in vehicle quality assurance and
    Total Quality Management (TQM) in plants and headquarters,
    became involved in V-up development and promotion operations
    from 2000.
  • Became a general manager of V-up promotion office.
    From 2007, as an Expert Leader, coordinated V-up expertise over
    all areas.
  • Received an award in fiscal 2013 for distinguished contributions to
    the promotion of quality management from the Japanese Society for
    Quality Control
  • Self-assessor certified by the Japan Quality Award Council.
    Certified measurer (national qualification).

Personal message

Drawing on my past experience in promotion of V-up within Nissan (in Japan and overseas), and in supporting outside clients, I always try to provide the best support based on each client’s situation.

  • Hobby: Sports and outdoor activities


Katsumi Ishii

  • Joined Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. in 1978.
  • Involved in engineering planning for body design and safety
    strategies in the development division. From 1993,
    engaged in introducing and promoting TQM activities in
    the product development division.
  • In 2001, engaged as an expert in the development,
    promotion and support of the V-up program,
    particularly the issue-setting process. Introduced V-up to China,
    and has provided services as an expert in setting and resolving of
    issues cross-functionally. Also engaged in general problem-solving,
    mainly relating to the field of Monozukuri (manufacturing).
    Has supported companies in many industries,
    including information services,
    chemical manufacturing, pharmaceuticals,
    agricultural machinery and aerospace components.

Personal message

No matter how tough an issue seems, a solution is always possible if you draw out the diverse strengths of the team and help them pull together to maximize that strength. I became a consultant because I wanted to share that feeling of elation when an problem is solved.

  • Hobbies: Motorbike or bicycle touring. Traveling around Japan to see live concerts by Tatsuro Yamashita.
  • Special skill: Making wooden furniture
  • Activities on days off: Touring (by motorbike), cycling, fly-fishing, looking after kids in my local community
  • Favorite quote: It is more blessed to give than to receive.


Kazuhito Ozaki

  • Joined Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. in 1984.
    Gained experience in many departments, such as quality control,
    plant quality assurance, manufacturing and purchasing.
  • From 2002, engaged in consulting business
    in the NPW Promotion Department.
  • Professional engineer (engineering management).

Personal message

I have been one of the core members in NPW Kaizen consulting. I have helped many companies as a Kaizen support expert across a wide range of fields including quality improvement, indirect operations improvement, TQM promotion and creating production systems at manufacturing Genba. My track record includes consulting for non-manufacturing companies and other different lines of businesses.

  • Hobby: Alto saxophone
  • Favorite saying: Think globally, act locally.


Katsumi Ito

  • Joined Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. in 1989.
    Worked on advanced technology development and
    prototype conception development
    in the Prototype Department’s Technology Division.
  • In 2004, moved to the NPW Promotion Department
    to take charge of supplier Kaizen support in current position.
  • Professional engineer (engineering management).

Personal message

I have supported many clients in Kaizen activities in my field of expertise of process management and production management in general. I always try to imagine that I am one of the client’s employees when I consider possible actions.

  • Activities on days off: Visiting DIY stores and looking at tools and materials, searching for inspiration to use in Kaizen


Naotoshi Ashino

  • Joined Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. in 1982.
    Engaged in starting up many engine assembly lines
    over many years, both in Japan and overseas.
    Successive appointments as manager at manufacturing Genba.
  • Also active in Genba management and human resources fields.
    As well as skills in educating supervisors and trainers,
    has various qualifications such as Grade 1 certification for
    mass production internal combustion engine assembly,
    plant maintenance and hazardous materials engineer.
    An all-round Genba management expert.
  • Engaged in Genba Kaizen training in
    the NPW Promotion Department from 2016.

Personal message

We can help with any issues you may have in your manufacturing Genba.
We offer continued support for creating systems for maintenance
and management and also for fostering human resources.
And our support lasts until Genba management is thoroughly established in the workplace.

  • Hobbies: Watching sport, the cinema
  • Favorite sports: Baseball, soccer


Yasuji Nomizu

  • Water quality, air, vibration, noise,
    plant environment maintenance planning.
  • 30 years of experience in
    production maintenance technology.
    Has patented multiple diagnostic techniques.

Personal message

I go to the genba and work together with clients to resolve
difficult issues with the goal of making equipment that does not break down.

  • Favorite things: Japanese sake, staying at hot springs, watching TV programs by Rui Yoshida and Shotaro Ikenami