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Our Philosophy

Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. has built up a vast amount of knowledge about Monozukuri (manufacturing) over 80 years of building cars.
The company’s mastery of cross-functional team management helped drive its miraculous V-shaped recovery after the 1990s financial crisis and has been the driving force for Nissan’s growth ever since.
We aim to share this know-how with our clients and help other kinds of business find the same revitalization.
By customizing programs to suit our clients’ goals, we support their growth.

Sound Familiar?

V-up consulting

Uniting as a Team to Reach Goals

Identify the challenges undermining your team’s contribution to overall performance, and resolve those issues completely with cross-functional members. We believe that clients know best what the issues and resolutions are, so we provide the support you need to resolve your issues yourselves.

How V-up Training Works

APW consulting

All the Answers Are at the Genba

The Alliance Production Way (APW) is a production system condensing the full range of our automobile manufacturing know-how. APW calls for evaluating systems of material flow from three viewpoints—Quality, Cost and Time—and eliminating all redundancy in the system. After our clients define their ultimate vision, we begin resolving issues in the Genba while reforming its environment and training its people so that the Kaizen will last.

4 Boxes: Finding a Vision

Maintenance consulting

Zero Breakdowns: The Power of Strategic Maintenance

Are you frustrated by maintenance management because you feel you never know when equipment will fail? Does “zero breakdowns” sound impossible? Proactive equipment management can help you make it a reality. Use lessons from Nissan’s automobile manufacturing Genba to reduce losses in production from sudden equipment failure and contribute even more to business operations.

Adopt automatic data acquisition system