Here we introduce our standard process, starting from the time you find interest in Nissan’s licensable technology up to the moment you launch your own product.

Make an inquiry

Feel free to ask us whether the technology you are interested in has potential to be used in your product or service you are now considering.

Receive information on the technology

After signing a non-disclosure agreement (NDA), Nissan will provide you with more
information on the technology.

Consider in your company whether to obtain a license or not

Based on the information we have provided, please consider whether to proceed to discussions for the license contract.

Sign the license contract

If agreement is reached by both parties, non-exclusive license contract will be signed.

Disclosing technology information to the licensee

Based on the license contract, proprietary information on the technology will be disclosed
to the licensee. It may be also possible to define in the contract to offer limited hours of workshops for better technology transfer.

Developing and selling of licensee’s product or service

Based on the technology information disclosed, the licensee can develop and sell the product or service themselves to their customers. If requested, Nissan may assist the licensee with PR communications and explanations of the product or service in our website or other means.