What is our role?

The research we are engaged in on a daily basis may not always be easy to grasp
in terms of its utility to contemporary society or the ways it can be put to use.
But we believe that our work will play a valuable role in our future lives,
leading to considerable societal contributions as a result.

Creating New Values in
Strategic Technology Fields

Nissan’s research and development efforts aim fundamentally to enhance performance in terms of quality and cost.
Atop this foundation, we pursue improvements in the strategic technology fields of environment, safety, ”life on board” and “dynamic performance.”
In addition to these areas, at the Nissan Research Center, we seek to create new values in fields yet to be discovered.

Our Mission

Creating New Values to Contribute to the Mobility
Society of the Future

Nissan’s approach to research and development can be described as tending to an orchard. What are the crops we need to grow to enrich people’s lives, and when can we pick them? How must we nurture our trees and encourage
them to bear fruit? And how can we ensure the most fertile soil we need as the basis for our technological development?
We believe it is vital to consider all these aspects as a whole.
The Nissan Research Center serves as a “frontier farm” that lays the groundwork for the orchard harvests of the future through its activities-the discovery of fertile new ground and the creation of new seeds and seedlings.
In this way we work to create new values.