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Bluebird Sedan 2000SSS-G (1993 : HU13)



Overall length / width / height
Tread (front/rear)
Curb weight
SR20DE (4-cyl. in-line, DOHC), 1,998cc
Engine Max. power
107kW (145PS)/6,400rpm
Engine Max. torque
178Nm (18.2kgm)/4,800rpm
5-speed MT, floor shift
Suspension (front, rear)
Transverse-link strut, parallel-link strut
Brakes (front, rear)
Ventilated disc, disc
195/65R14 (front & rear)


Related information

Bluebird Sedan 2000SSS-G(1993: HU13)

The ninth-generation Bluebird (U13) was launched on September 24, 1991. This distinctive model was available in 2 different body types (sedan & hardtop) and 3 clearly defined series - the SSS and EEX sedans, and the ARX hardtop.
A characteristic of the styling of the sedan, with its fully-pressed door panels, was the uninterrupted mono-form design. Also, its body was larger: compared to the previous generation U12, the wheelbase was extended by 70mm and overall height was increased by 30mm. This, combined with the effect of the logical packaging , provided a spacious interior.
In addition to 5 petrol engines (2,000cc/1,800cc, all twin-cam), there was a 2,000cc diesel engine, and the rear suspension was equipped with a super active toe control. Additionally, advanced noise-suppression technologies were adopted; these included strengthening the body using the weld-bond process, as well as adopting double vibration proof suspension and the world's first active noise control system (for canceling out low-frequency engine noise using sound of the opposite phase), installed on the ARX-Z Series.
The sedan was available in 2 series: the sporty SSS and the family-orientated EEX. The 2000SSS-G was the top-of-the-line 2WD model powered by the SR20DE (145PS) engine. It was also equipped with aluminum wheels, fog lights, and driver's seat SRS airbag as standard.