Super Silhouette racing

The "Super Silhouette" category corresponds to Group 5 of the FIA (Federation Internationale de l’Automobile). The range of acceptable modifications is so wide that, although the vehicle may have the same silhouette as its production equivalent, its engineering is really that of Formula racing. In fact, in Europe the term used is "Silhouette" Formula.
In Japan, full-scale series races were held from 1979 to 1983, principally at the Fuji Speedway, and these events were popular. There were no regulations regarding minimum production quotas, and as far as the engine was concerned, as long as it had the same block as a production car, anything was possible. This meant that, with turbochargers, engines could put out as much as 570PS - more power than was available to F1 machines at that time. The combination of these awesome engines and impressive styling attracted a large fan following.
Representing Nissan in these races were the Violet (710A10), Bluebird (910), Silvia (S110), and Skyline (R30). H. Yanagida won the trophy in 1980 driving an A10, and again in 1982, with a 910.

Powerhouse under the hood of a Super Silhouette racer (Silvia).