The 42nd Tokyo Motor Show 2011

Street Parts, Competition Parts and Special High Performance Spec. Vehicle Line Up

In order to meet customer needs, Nismo had begun providing competition parts oriented toward its motorsport customers who use Nissan vehicles and vehicles powered by Nissan engines. Nismo is also designing and marketing professional-level, race-spec. parts, street-tuning parts for those who like to "dress up" their cars, and Nismo fan goods. At the same time, the company is selling as standard factory custom vehicles such as the "Fairlady 370Z Version Nismo" with the same warranties as regular factory-built models.

Professional Racing Competition Parts
Nismo sells a variety of parts for vehicles competing in the top level of motorsport, including SUPER GT. For example, the production of a special small-sized air conditioning unit, designed specifically for racing cars. This air conditioning unit has been installed in the Nismo GT500 GT-R racing car. Its use has resulted in a lower incidence of dangerous problems for drivers, such as dehydration and heatstroke, making racing much safer. Furthermore, the professional parts line-up is continuing with the supply of the Nissan VK45DE engine used in the Le Mans Series LMP2 cars.

Competition Parts
Nismo is releasing a new line of products for use in competition, oriented towards customers who enjoy driving Nissan vehicles in gymkhanas, speedway racing, and amateur racing. Nismo has developed a set of competition parts including transmissions, differentials, clutches, engine parts, carbonfibre products, racing suspension kits and a diverse range of other products.

Street Parts (Some products are available for overseas market)
There is a range of parts available for all models, allowing customers to individualize their vehicles and increase their enjoyment of the driving experience. The line up includes sports mufflers, aluminium wheels, aerodynamic parts and so on, as well as accessories for road cars, such as parts for improved tuning. These can be used on public roads, and conform with safety regulations. These parts provide the customer with the perfect range of options and come with after-sales service when fitted by a Nissan dealer. These are not only for the brand's sportier models such as the Fairlady Z or Skyline Coupe. They also cover minivan such as the Elgrand, as well as the Note and March compact cars.

In recent years, the number of customers driving the Nissan GT-R (R35) at racetracks has increased, and with it the sale and lease of modified parts authorized for use on race circuits, such as the ECU unit that allows a resetting of the car's Sports Mode.

Nismo Collection (Japanese Market Only)
There is a wide selection of team merchandise based on the SUPER GT Nissan/Nismo racing team colours; team clothing, hats, shoes, mini-flags, key chains, bags, etc., available all in one place. Fans can turn up the passion for Nissan/Nismo with these branded items.

Version Nismo cars
The Fairlady 370Z Version Nismo is a factory-custom car based on the Z34 Fairlady Z. This uniquely tuned specialty vehicle is equipped with an exclusive body kit, modified ECU and exhaust systems, reinforced body, and an exclusive interior. This car is even being exported to the U.S. market. With the purchase of this vehicle, it is possible to receive the same warranty as on standard Nissan cars.

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