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Nissan LEAF includes not only EV-unique features such as emitting no CO2 or other exhaust emissions during operation, but also offers fun-to-drive performance, with smooth, strong acceleration and quiet delivery across a speed range comparable to that of other models. It also has great handling stability realized by well-balanced high-power motor, inverter and high-capacity lithium-battery.
When running on a downward-sloping road, Nissan LEAF's motor regenerate electrical energy that charges the onboard batteries. The vehicle also has advanced IT systems which allow the driver to control some functions remotely, via a smartphone or other device, and can help the driver find nearby charging stations and identify the most energy-efficient routes. Making an automobile that is friendly to both people and society is only possible by the best balanced combination of the conventional technologies backed by our long track record as an automaker and EV-unique features.

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