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The future that Nissan envisions is the Zero-Emission society with a symbiosis of people and rich nature.
With EVs being an integral part of people's lifestyle, everyone will be enjoying the life with no air pollutions or noise problems.
Since vehicles, homes and infrastructure will be interlinked, there will be less traffic congestion thanks to the IT driving support feature, and the charging can be finished while shopping or watching movies because the charging stations will be available at so many places.
Today's impossible may become tomorrow's routine in the Zero-Emission society that Nissan envisions. That tomorrow is already within reach - before too long your EV might be charged while it runs on the EV-dedicated lanes, or you might be able to get into a shopping mall with driving EV thanks to Zero-Emission.
By offering electric vehicles in its attempt to build the Zero-Emission society, Nissan wishes to enrich people's life and protect the blue planet as clean as it is supposed to be for our next generations.

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