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The Holistic Approach


Vision: Nissan is investing in a portfolio of "green" technologies, including clean diesels, efficient internal-combustion engines, hybrids and the centerpiece of our product strategy: Zero-Emission vehicles, such as battery electric vehicles and fuel cell vehicles.

The key driver of Nissan's passion is captured in the word "zero." We are preparing a vehicle lineup that will be totally neutral to the environment, beginning with the electric vehicle. With no CO2 emissions and zero particles, our electric vehicle will be the most environmentally friendly mass-produced vehicle on the market. We are developing a range of high-quality electric vehicles that are safe, well-engineered, attractive, affordable and fun to drive.

The Renault-Nissan Alliance is promoting the development and production of Zero-Emission vehicles and the construction of infrastructure, forging more than 100 Zero-Emission partnerships with national and local governments, electric power companies and other organizations.

Zero-Emission leadership is our commitment, and we are taking all the initiatives and making all the necessary investments to make it happen. Zero-Emission mobility is our passion, a true breakthrough and a key to our future.

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