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All-around "Collision Free" Prototype

Nissan has unveiled an All-Around Collision Free prototype incorporating two all-new technologies
- Blind Spot Intervention and Back-up Collision Intervention. Incorporating the available Distance Control Assist and Lane Departure Prevention systems, this latest prototype vehicle further extends Nissan's "Safety Shield" concept to help protect the vehicle and its occupants from potential risks coming from multiple directions.

System Configuration


System Configuration (Blind Spot Intervention)

When the driver decides to change lanes, the side-mounted sensors activates a warning if an approaching vehicle is detected in the drivers intended lane. A yaw mechanism is then activated through brake control of individual wheels, to help prevent a potential collision.


Back-up Collision Intervention (BCI) System Overview

When backing out of a parking space or in similar situations, BCI uses side sensors in the rear of the vehicle to detect potential obstacles. If the driver attempts to back up when an obstacle is detected, the system gives visual and audible warnings, and applies the brakes to help the driver avoid the obstacle.