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Approach to Fundamental Technology (Soil Enrichment)


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“Soil Enrichment” is the foundation for “bearing fruits” of new technologies

With the vision of “enriching people’s lives”, Nissan undertakes a wide range of technical developments with a long-term outlook in order for vehicles to become truly trusted partners with our customers. In the core of this is the 3-phase engineering undertaking entitled “Orchard Concept”. In order to enrich people’s lives; 1) When and what kind of fruit should be harvested? <=Harvest Plan>, 2) How do we foster this and bear fruit? <=Seeding & Growth>, and 3) How do we fertilize the founding soil for such technical developments? <=Soil Enrichment>— Just as ripe fruits do not grow without nutrient-rich soil, founding technologies are required in order to foster new innovations. A “soil” that supports technical development and grows seeds to future products— Nissan’s “harvest” begins here.

Summary of the “Orchard concept”

1. Harvest Plan— Plans to merchandise this technology
Here, the values, the performance and function of the technology provides and the timing of its release are clarified. Technical developments that provide values and satisfaction to customers, instead of technical developments for its own sake... It is imperative to create a plan that links with the needs of the society and the market.
2. Seeding & Growth— Plans and strategies are being carried out to realise the Harvest Plans
Seeding & Growth specifies the core technologies which will be required to realize Harvest Plan, and the specifying of methods in which they can be grown quickly and with high standards. Partnerships with universities and suppliers, approaches to governments, founding of new organization and structures, regular progress reviews and post-production technical improvements will be planned and executed.
3. Soil Enrichment— Development of fundamental technology
The third phase is responsible for basic, founding technologies that are required for competently creating values continuously for the long-term. Reliability improvements, analyses/measurement, and material technologies are the “soil” of the orchard. In order to further improve the quality of vehicle manufacturing from research and advanced development to actual vehicle development, technical operations and management which can strengthen the soil, such as human resources and processes that run the company, are imperative.

4 areas of Nissans strategic technology development

Nissan’s technical developments are nearing its harvest season Nissan has devised a 10-year plan entitled “Vision 2015” in 2005. This comprises of 4 strategic technical areas— “Environment”, “Safety”, “Dynamic Performance” and “Life on Board”. Each area has clear targets and road maps, and developments are carried out based on these plans.



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