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Smart Auto Headlights


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Automatic lighting that guard against
forgetting to turn on or off lights in tunnels.


This system automatically turns on headlights and position lights. Since it removes the necessity to manually turn lights on or off, a driver does not need to operate a switch when entering an underground car park or tunnel. It is aligned with the ignition key, meaning the lights will automatically go out when the engine is turned off. This protects against forgetting to turn off lights after parking.

Technology Functionality
The Smart Auto Headlights is a system for turning lights on and off based on the environment around the vehicle. It operates according to the brightness outside the car. By way of example, the system is designed to immediately turn on upon entering a dark tunnel.

Technology Configuration
The Smart Auto Headlights system detects illumination outside the vehicle using a front sensor. When light decreases below a certain level, the system automatically turns the lights on.