Car Technology

Scratch Shield

Scratch Shield is a clearcoat that is more scratch resistant compared with conventional clearcoats, helping a vehicle maintain its new look for a longer period of time. The paint also repairs fine scratches, restoring a vehicle's surface close to its original state. Nissan will continue to expand the adoption of Scratch Shield globally.

Main characteristics

After being scratched, a car surface painted with Scratch Shield will have five times less the number of scratches compared with a vehicle painted with a conventional clearcoat.

Coventional paint

Scratch Shield repaires fine scratches, restoring painted surfaces close to their original state anywhere from one day to one week.

Before self-repairing

Basic structure

A special highly elastic resin has been combined with a conventional clearcoat to increase the paint's flexibility. This has also increased its strength by raising the resin density.


-The paint does not self-repair if scratches are deep enough to sever the bonds within the clearcoat or if the clearcoat has been peeled off.
-The amount of time required for self-repair depends on the surrounding temperature and the depth of the scratch. In some cases, restoration may take up to one week.