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Nissan’s Safety Technology Development Concept


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“Grappling with traffic accidents”– Nissan shows its determination through innovative technology.

Each year, more than 1.2 million people die on the world’s roads. Traffic accidents are in fact placed 10th in the list of causes of death.Over 90% of these accidents occur in developing countries which are going through rapid motorizations, and number of fatalities has been increasing by 8% per year. Nissan has committed to face this issue, and to “fight against traffic accidents”. In 1995, Nissan set a goal to halve the number of fatalities in specified markets involving Nissan vehicles by 2015. As a result, it have this has been achieved in Japan and in the UK. However, this perpetual challenge will not be truly solved until traffic accidents are completely eliminated. Additionally, Nissan is working towards a global goal entitled Vision Zero, and aims to help reduce the number of accidents through the development of technologies which provide “support to help keep away from risk” and which make “vehicles that help protect people” in order to achieve the ultimate goal.

“Cars protecting people”— the Safety Shield idea

Nissan’s concept of “vehicles that help protect people.” Various barriers around the vehicle help the driver and passengers avoid dangers from normal driving conditions through post accident conditions.
Technologies which help protect the people on board during an accident, such as the SRS Air Bag and the Zone Body, have been contributing to the reduction of fatalities for a long time.However, it is important that accidents themselves must be reduced in order to realize a truly safe automotive society.Nissan continuously makes efforts to develop new safety technologies for the realization of a safer automotive society.

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