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“Multi-sensing system with rear camera”


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How can we help drivers better detect potential risks?

Many drivers may be anxious when changing lanes, due to the potential for motorcycles to be traveling in the driver’s blind spot or due to vehicles quickly approaching in the next lane. These risks are sometimes unable to be detected may be difficult for the driver to see in his side or rearview mirrors. What Nissan has worked to develop is an “intelligent” rear camera, which serves as a rear-view monitor and is also able to detect and notify the driver of potential risks. In order to help prevent accidents as much as possible, Nissan makes a forward-looking effort for “rear side safety”.

The “Multi-sensing system with rear camera” makes it possible to detect the risks behind the vehicle with its distinct image processing technology.

The “Multi-sensing system with rear camera” is an advanced application of Nissan’s innovative Around View Monitor’s image processing technology. The single camera can detect multiple risks. For example, the Blind Spot Warning helps alert the driver to a vehicle detected in the blind spot area. The Lane Departure Warning sounds an audible warning when the vehicle starts to drift out of the lane. The Moving Object Detection helps the driver to avoid a collision by providing visual and audible warnings if the system detects moving objects within the displayed image in situations such as pulling out of a parking space.
The system gives warnings with indication lamps and an audible warning when a potential risk is detected, thus helping the driver to feel more secure while focusing on the task of driving. Nissan continues to work towards the goal of traffic accident-free society.
Blind Spot Warning
The indication lamp located around the door mirror lights up when the system detects a vehicle in the blind spot area. If the driver flicks on the turn signal at that time, the indication lamp starts to flash with an audible warning to help alert the driver.
Lane Departure Warning
This feature detects lane markers with a built-in rear camera. To support the driver, it provides an audible and visual warning when the driver starts to drift out of the lane.
Moving Object Detection
Building on the capabilities of Around View Monitor System, this function helps the driver avoid a collision by providing visual and audible warnings if the system detects moving object s within the rear view displayed image.