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Vehicles with Closer to Zero Emission Engines— an undertaking to target the ultimate good fuel economy of engine-powered vehicles

In order to reduce the total amount of global CO2 emissions, Nissan believes it is important not only to develop and circulate zero emission vehicles such as electric vehicles and fuel cell vehicles, but also to improve the fuel economy of engine-powered vehicles. Vehicles that are powered by engines which burn fuel suffer from energy loss in various situations. Maximizing energy efficiency in order to reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emission— Nissan’s undertaking entitled “PURE DRIVE” is our action to improve fuel economy of engine-powered vehicles. A combination of advanced technology measures are prepared, from the comprehensive energy loss reduction from within the power train, the reduction of needless energy usage through idling stop, to the recovering of the wasted energy using hybrid vehicles. All of this advanced technology is being prepared in order to provide all our customers with good fuel economy vehicles.

Improving fuel economy and significantly reducing CO2 emission— “PURE DRIVE”

Many environmental technologies have been realized through Nissan’s innovative technologies. These constitute “PURE DRIVE”. For example, the “Stop/Start System”, where the engine is stopped while the vehicle is on standstill in order to improve on fuel economy. “DIG-S (3-cylinder 1.2-liter direct-injection Gasoline engine with Super Charger )” combines a supercharger on a small engine and has achieved CO2 reduction to a level equivalent to that of hybrid vehicles. The “Clean Diesel” system was the first engine which passed the strict Japanese gas emission regulation “post new long term regulation”. The “Hybrid System” provides not only environmental performance, but also an exhilarating response. Then there is the Xtronic CVT which makes it possible to achieve both high fuel economy and a high level of driving pleasure. Furthermore, we are proactively developing technologies which support the driver with more economical driving, such as ECO mode and ECO pedal. Engine-powered vehicles will continue to drive on roads around the world. Nissan will comprehensively fine-tune their environmental performance from a variety of perspectives.



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