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Premium-feel Interior Concept


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Life on Board: Nissan puts human characteristics first to deliver more joy in driving.
Nissan improves interior quality and creates comfortable cabin environments by providing optimal surface textures for armrests, instrument panels and every part that a person touches.

Human touch mechanism

Nissan conducted a thorough analysis of the human touch mechanism, specifically how touching something feels good, and quantified those feelings to help create optimal designs.


The degree of physical distortion is felt as soft or hard, and heat conductivity is felt as warm or cold.
The closer something is to finger-pad softness, the better it feels.

The wider the finger contact, the softer it feels.


Friction characteristics create a wet or dry feeling, and surface texture is perceived as smooth or rough.
The closer the surface texture is to a human fingerprint, the better it feels.

Moist feelings come from stimulating the bottom of the fingerprint.

Premium-feel Interior Concept

By studying and applying the human touch mechanism, Nissan has developed interior materials far superior to any existing in terms of texture and performance.
Premium soft instrument panel
Instrument panels often receive stroke-like touches, demanding the craftsmanship and softness of quality leather upholstery. Premium soft instrument panel is a synthetic material structurally similar to real leather that furnishes a soft feeling and high durability never before achieved with genuine leather for automotive interiors.
Soft-feel texturing
This revolutionary material brings a soft, moist feeling to hard plastic surfaces, making a hard material feel softer.
Premium semi-aniline leather
The seats, which receive both pushes and strokes, are upholstered in genuine semi-aniline leather with a newly developed protective coating that is stretchy and strong, giving this leather a softer feeling, like a luxury leather-covered sofa.
Premium soft-feel material
This is a new material for armrests, which are in constant contact with hands. With the softness of a finger pad and a surface texture similar to a fingerprint, it creates the soft, comfortable feeling of baby skin.