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Chassis Control


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Confident cornering and optimal driving through a turn

What is Chassis Control?
f52a5323aebf1d_EN.gifA car requires suspension, steering and brakes for everyday driving tasks. These systems or components are collectively known as the chassis. The technology that controls the chassis has made major strides since the birth of the car. In particular, computer technology has greatly improved safety and reliability by electronically controlling the chassis, allowing the adoption of features such as Electronic Stability Control.

Nissan wanted to develop chassis control technology one stage further by adding additional chassis controls to help deliver a fun, confident and comfortable driving experience. Nissan created following three technologies for the Chassis Control.
Intelligent Ride Control
By controlling the engine (drive force) and brakes, this technology can improve driver confidence and comfort when driving over uneven surfaces.

Intelligent Engine Brake
This technology supports drivers by adding engine braking and reducing the burden on the driver when cornering or braking.

Intelligent Trace Control
This technology helps the driver feel more confident when cornering by controlling the braking on each of the four wheels in response to the driving circumstances, based on the driver's steering, acceleration and braking on winding roads or when entering or exiting an expressway. This can help provide the driver with a more optimal line through a turn.