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Electric Vehicle Lithium-ion Battery


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Lightweight, compact and large capacity lithium-ion battery
Lithium-ion batteries have higher energy densities than lead-acid batteries or nickel-metal hydride batteries, so it is possible to make the battery size smaller than others.

The latest Nissan LEAF battery uses materials which can store a higher density of lithium-ion meaning our customers can drive an even greater distance.

Details of the Technology
A reliable and high energy density battery has been achieved through the use of NMC* cathode material and employment of a laminated cell structure.
The layered structure of the NMC cathode material contributes to large battery capacity as it helps to store a high density of lithium-ion. The laminated cell structure contributes to space-saving thanks to its high cooling performance and simple structure.
The battery capacity is highly reliable and durable, it has a warranty of 160,000km or 8 years.