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Nissan LEAF is a pure electric vehicle powered only by electricity, and its battery can be charged at home. The electric motor that replaces the conventional engine offers a totally different driving experience with quiet and responsive acceleration.
With a platform designed specifically for electric vehicles, Nissan LEAF will be introduced globally in the second half of fiscal late 2010 as the world's first mass-produced electric vehicle.

Soothing start-up sound and futuristic design

A soothing start-up sound will immediately follow operation of the push-button power switch, inviting you to the new world of zero-emission mobility. Nissan's first electronically controlled shift-by-wire gearchange, complete an effortless driving environment.

Cabin space for five adults

The large capacity, yet compact-sized, advanced lithium-ion battery is installed underneath the floor, which maximizes interior space to accommodate 5 adults in comfort.

al.gifA new platform developed exclusively for EVs.

A driving range of more than 160 km, and easy charging at home and in town

Nissan LEAF has a driving range of more than 160 km on one full charge in city mode*. It takes eight hours for full-charging through a power outlet. When you go out, charging can be done with a quick charger, a 10-minute charge will allow you to drive an additional range of 50 km.
* US LA4 mode

al.gifLithium-ion Battery

24-hour support service through the advanced IT system

Even when you are away from your vehicle, you can turn on air conditioning, start charging the battery and check its status with a mobile phone via the internet. Through these new IT features, Nissan LEAF owners will have confidence and connectivity 24hours a day.

al.gifInformation Technology to Support the New Values of the EV
Seating capacity5
Max speedOver 140km/h (90mph)
Drive powertrain layoutFront motor, front drive
BatteryLaminated lithium-ion battery
Electric motor (power, torque)High-response synchronous AC motor 80kW, 280Nm
Battery capacity/power24kWh/Over 90kW
Crusing rangeOver 160km (100miles, US LA4 mode)
Major featuresDedicated IT system
Length x Width x Height4445 x 1770 x 1550mm