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Cooperative Intelligent Transport System (ITS)


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Nissan approaches safety not only from the standpoint of vehicle safety and the traffic environment, but also from the standpoint of the individual. Some research results have come into commercial use in various systems to build a safe, comfortably mobile society.

System configuration

System configuration

To help preventing accidents using vehicle roadside communications

Using information from transmitters built into or along a road to the cars on it, the system works to help avoidance from dangers like a missed stop sign or signal or a dangerous intersections. It will become available commercially in the fall of 2009.



Eco-driving Service

1. Fastest-route guidance: A shorter route reduces CO2 emissions
2. Eco-Drive and You: Monthly Eco-drive ranking
3. Eco-driving advice on a website : Displays on driver's fuel economy perform ance record and ranking, and CO2 emission.


Slip-hazard Alert

Many accidents occur every winter in cold, snowy areas like Hokkaido. Based on motion information from the Antilock Brake System and the like, the system determines the likelihood of slippery conditions ahead and broadcasts the information to all nearby cars. Construction and operation started from November 2008.

Opposite Direction Driving Prevention

A new computer application and detailed map data in the car navigation system will be combined with GPS data to help give the driver audio and visual warnings when the car is going the wrong way on a ramp near a service area or interchange.

School Zone Alerts

Depending on road conditions near primary schools, the day of the week, time of day, speed and position of brakes and accelerator, the system warns the driver about school zones. This became available commercially in July 2009.

GPS Mobile ITS for Pedestrian Safety

This intelligent transport system cooperates with GPS mobile phones to detect pedestrians and it alerts drivers to the presence of pedestrians by using voice messages and icons on the car navigation monitor. It also helps to promote safer driving.

Nissan's world-renowned ITS technology

"Starting in Kanagawa Prefecture under the ITS project, Nissan's many experiments have spread widely and their results have received high marks worldwide. These awards and citations are just a few examples."
the 2008 SAE Delco Electronics Intelligent Transportation Systems Award
U.S. Government Award for Special Appreciation U.S. DOT NHTSA)