Car Technology

HR12DE Engine

Three-cylinder engine, lightweight, compact and good mileage


This three-cylinder engine is compact and lightweight, and easy to use in everyday life. It produces strong torque for medium and low speeds and also achieves excellent fuel efficiency. Further, it has the quietness equivalent to a four-cylinder engine, with only three-cylinders.

Technology Functionality

Improving fuel efficiency
One way to implement low fuel consumption is by reducing friction on movable parts. Nissan developed a three-cylinder engine with fewer parts than a four-cylinder engine. Reducing the number of parts reduces friction and as a result, achieves lower fuel consumption. At the same time, it improves combustion efficiency, achieving better mileage.


Reduction in vibration and sound
In general a three-cylinder engine tends to be louder and with more vibration than a four-cylinder engine. By employing an outer balancer to reduce vibration and noise, quietness was achieved equivalent to that of a four-cylinder engine.

Technology Configuration

Improving combustion efficiency
Occurrence of knocking was also curbed by the successful lengthy retention of tumble flow in the center of the combustion chamber by re-adjusting the combustion chamber shape and employing a deep piston. This led to the improvement of combustion efficiency and being able to curb fuel combustion.


Curbing vibration by an outer balancer
This mechanism adjusts the balance by placing weight on both sides of the crank shaft. As a result, the up-down oscillation of typical of a three-cylinder engine is reduced, achieving quietness equivalent to a four-cylinder engine.