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70MPa High-Pressure Hydrogen Storage Cylinder


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Nissan has developed a 70 MPa high-pressure hydrogen storage system for the purpose of extending the driving range of fuel cell vehicles.

This newly developed high-pressure hydrogen storage tank has been certified by the High Pressure Gas Safety Instiute of Japan (KHK) as a70 MPa high-pressure hydrogen storage vessel.

Features of this system

The previous high-pressure hydrogen storage system compressed and stored hydrogen at a pressure of 35 MPa. By compressing hydrogen to an even higher pressure of 70 MPa, about 30% more hydrogen can be stored in the same tank layout space.
Features of this system

System configuration and technical explanation

The 70MPa high-pressure hydrogen storage tank consists of an inner aluminum liner and an outer layer of carbon-fiber reinforced plastic (C-FPR). The C-FRP layer uses a high-strength, high-elasticity carbon fiber with an optimally designed winding pattern. This achieves sufficient strength to withstand high pressure of 70MPa.