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“Multi-sensing system with front camera”


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Is the driver 100% keeping watchful eyes forward all the time when driving?

A momentary shift away from looking ahead can occur while driving, however glancing away at an inopportune time may cause serious accidents. Nissan has worked to develop a technology which can help support safe driving by monitoring the situation which exists ahead of the vehicle. The technology processes the images captured by the front camera and detects the environment surrounding the vehicle, such as the road, other vehicles and pedestrians. The system gives the driver a warning in the situations described below. This “Multi-sensing system with front camera” interlinks with the other safety technologies installed in the vehicle. The system detects potential risks in advance and helps alert the driver so that he can take action to help avoid a collision.

The “Multi-sensing system with front camera” detects the risks ahead of the vehicle using the image processing technology.

For this system, a single camera takes on multiple roles in order to help avoid various risks which could occur ahead of and to the sides of the vehicle. For example, “Forward Collision Warning” helps alert the driver when his vehicle is getting close to a vehicle ahead. “Pedestrian Detection” helps alert the driver if a pedestrian is in the path of the vehicle. Additionally, “Lane Departure Warning” helps alert the driver when the vehicle starts to drift out of the lane.
Nissan continues to work to help deliver safety and sound peace of mind, working towards our ultimate goal of a “traffic accident- free society”
Forward Collision Warning
When the system detects that the vehicle is moving close to the vehicle ahead, audible and visual warnings are provided.
Pedestrian Detection
When a pedestrian is detected in the path of the vehicle, audible and visual warnings are provided. This helps support the driver when driving in low speed city driving conditions, and helps reduce accidents caused by careless oversight.
Lane Departure Warning
This feature detects the lane markings with a built-in front camera. To help support the driver, the system sounds an audible and visual warning when the system detects that the vehicle has started to drift outside the lane.