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New X-TRAIL Fuel Cell Vehicle (FCV)

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With its latest X-TRAIL fuel cell vehicle, Nissan has developed an FCV which matches the average gasoline-powered vehicle in terms of both cruising range and acceleration.
Nissan continues to raise the practicality of FCVs, which are being developed as the most eco-friendly vehicles.

Main features of the new X-TRAIL FCV

fcv_01.gif1.Increased cruising range
The new FCV's hydrogen storage capacity has been raised by 30% compared with the 2003 model thanks to the installation of 70 MPa hydrogen cylinder. Together with improvements to the FCV's power plant, this has given the vehicle a cruising range of over 500 km, or 1.4 times that of the previous model.

2.Improved acceleration
The new model features a Nissan-developed fuel cell stack that is more efficient than the previous stack resulting in maximum power of 90 kW compared with 63 kW in the 2003 model.

3.More luggage space
The luggage compartment has been lengthened by more than 400 mm by making the cylinder and fuel cell stack more compact and adjusting the position of the compact lithium-ion battery,among other units.

System overview

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