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Foreard Collision Avoidance Assist Concept


The concept utilizes a highly sensitive radar sensor to monitor the distance from the vehicle in front and its relative speed. When the system detects an object in the vehicle path that could pose a collision danger, it prompts the driver to perform avoidance maneuvers by providing visual and audible warnings, and smoothly applying partial braking. If the system determines that the driver has not achieved the necessary deceleration, it automatically performs harder braking. This system has demonstrated the ability to avoid collisions with a stationary vehicle at speeds of up to approximately 60km/h.


Scenario 1: The system supports the driver in performing avoidance maneuvers, so that the driver does not approach conditions that would require sudden braking. When the system judges that deceleration is required, it alerts the driver using both audible and visual warnings, then generates a force that pushes the accelerator pedal up and smoothly applies partial braking to assist the driver in slowing the vehicle down.

Scenario 2: In case the driver does not achieve the necessary deceleration, the system automatically applies harder braking to help avoid a collision. The system has the ability to help avoid collisions at relative speeds of up to approximately 60km/h.At higher speeds, it helps reduces the speed of impact. Before braking, the front-seat seatbelts are tightened to help restrain passenger movement.