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Nissan Green Program 2010 (NGP 2010)

In order to steadily advance towards the ultimate goal, Nissan has devised a mid-term environmental action plan, the “Nissan Green Program”, and all group companies are taking action in order to achieve its goal. In the NGP2010 released in 2006, we set 3 important challenges – “Reducing CO2 emission”, “Protecting water, atmosphere, and soil”, and “Resource recycling”, and we have achieved the goals set in the action plan for these challenges as planned by 2010. Undertakings were carried out in accordance with our long-term target in many areas of our business for CO2 emission reduction, which was an especially high priority, by not only introducing many new environment technologies into the market, but also by establishing an environment management system.
We will continue to not only carry out environment-dependence reductions and lower environment loading as regards to cars and business, and we will also provide society with products and technologies that are truly effective in order to achieve zero- emission mobility in order to enter and lead a sustainable society.

A long-term scenario for reducing CO2

- It is estimated that CO2 emissions from new vehicles must be reduced by 90% (as compared to 2000) in order to contain the CO2 level concentration in the atmosphere to below 450ppm.
- An overall undertaking from engine efficiency improvement, electrification, as well as energy conversion (which includes the energy manufacturing phase).
 - Short term: Engine efficiency improvement
 - Mid/Long term: Promote electrification, towards renewable energy conversion

Towards Zero-CO2— Nissan is already moving forward.

A long-term scenario is to “reduce CO2 emission from new vehicles by 90% as compared to 2000 by 2050” in order to reduce global warming. 2 detailed plans are moving forward in order to achieve this scenario. The first plan is “Zero Emission” which targets the circulation of electric vehicles by providing the ultimate eco-car at an affordable price. The other plan is to improve fuel economy of engine-powered vehicles by increasing the environmental performance of the internal combustion engine, and deliver “PURE DRIVE” to as many environment-conscious drivers as possible. Nissan will achieve this quicker than anyone else through a wide range of undertakings.



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