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Intelligent Emergency Braking ("Automatic Emergency Braking" for USA)


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Assists in avoiding collisions with vehicles and pedestrians ahead
This technology detects potential forward obstacles and assists drivers in avoiding collisions with vehicles and pedestrians, as well as reducing damage caused by collisions.
Note: Not all Intelligent Emergency Braking systems are designed to detect pedestrians. The description on this page is specific to systems which include pedestrian detection.

Technology Functionality
When the system detects danger of collision with a vehicle or pedestrians ahead, it warns the driver with audible and visual warnings, urging the driver to take action to avoid the danger. If the driver fails to decelerate, it will apply an emergency brake and decelerate to either help avoid a collision, or reduce the damage caused by a collision should one be unavoidable.

Technology Configuration
f52a521dad1e29_e.gifA camera installed in the front of the vehicle detects the presence of vehicles or pedestrians ahead and the distance to them. From the speed of the driver's own vehicle as well as the speed and distance to the other vehicles and pedestrians, it then determines if there is a risk of collision. If it judges the possibility of a collision to be high, such as when the distance to the other vehicle is rapidly decreasing, it initially warns the driver by a visual signal on a display as well as with an audible alert, urging the driver to maneuver the vehicle to avoid the danger. In cases where the driver’s avoidance maneuvers are delayed or do not happen at all, the system engages emergency braking and reduces speed. By doing this, it can either avoid the collision or reduce the damage caused by an unavoidable collision.
This explanation is for the system with Pedestrian Detection system.
System configuration depends on each region, production and option.
There are limitations to the system's recognition capabilities and due to road or weather conditions it may not engage in certain circumstances. Drivers should always drive safely and never rely wholly on the system. Please consult your Owners Manual or a Nissan car-life advisors for more detailed information.