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Electric vehicles and environment-friendly towns


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The widening use of electric vehicles will change lifestyles in attractive ways. While they'll be routinely charged at home, drivers will be able to take advantage of fast chargers at shopping centers and the like, topping up while they shop. With the spreading use of cleaner energy and construction of infrastructure like park-and-ride lots and non-contact charging stations, cities and towns and the lives of the people living in them will be richer and more attractive. Nissan is working to help build societies where EVs are common.
Charging at home
Like charging a cellphone, plug in the EV to charge it. When charged on solar energy, an EV is even cleaner. Solar-power generation and the use of energy-saving EV batteries can help you approach energy
Park-and-ride systems
In a park-and-ride system, people gather from suburbs using gasoline-powered cars or public transportation and switch to electric vehicles. Creating areas combining solar and wind-power generators with charging stations enhances environmental mobility.
Special EV lanes
When the roads are jammed, EVs can use special environment-friendly lanes.
Gasoline-free areas
In some areas gasoline-powered cars are restricted, but quiet, zero-emission EVs are welcome. More of these areas will make streets more attractive.
Quick charging
Convenience stores, family restaurants and other businesses will offer rapid-charging stands and non-contact charging systems, which can charge a car parked on a special spot while the driver shops, etc.,
without a cable connection.
Smart community
Solar and wind power are environment-friendly energies, but their utility can be limited by weather, hours of sunlight and the like.Combining these sources with rechargeable batteries and EVs for better
energy management puts the advantages of green energy in easier reach.