Eco Mode


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ecomode001.jpgComputer supports an eco drive that can be enjoyed easily by anyone
Eco Mode assists the driver to drive in a way that contributes to improved fuel efficiency. The driver uses the Eco Mode Switch or the car navigation screen to change to Eco Mode.
Technology Functionality
The engine and CVT controls change when Eco Mode is switched on, making it easier to run on lower fuel consumption. It also assists the driver's operation of the accelerator pedal to be more fuel efficient.


Technology Configuration
A computer is always cooperatively controlling the engine and CVT. During regular driving, the computer assesses the driving situation and can automatically change controls accordingly, making possible output that is appropriate to the type of driving, from sporty drives to driving that is conscious of fuel use.

Turning on Eco Mode allows the computer to select and prioritize engine control that improves fuel efficiency.

At the same time, the system then corrects the driver’s unconscious, excessive acceleration when starting off and in other scenarios, making for accelerator operation that is better for fuel efficiency. For example, if the accelerator is suddenly applied when starting off, the system corrects this to gentle acceleration, curbing excessive fuel injection when starting off. This curbs wasteful fuel consumption by moderating the response to accelerator operation.

In situations when sudden acceleration is required, such as in emergencies, even when Eco Mode is switched on, the computer can spontaneously assess the application of the acceleration pedal and allow prompt acceleration.