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Fastest Route Guidance Systems


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Fastest Route Guidance Systems helps provide fastest route guidance using traffic information to minimize travel time. To help reduce CO2 emission substantially, traffic system has to be improved as well as the vehicle system. Route Guidance Systems helps improve average speed, supports eco-driving and contributes to improve average fuel economy.

System overview

The system uses both real-time and statistic traffic information. Statistic traffic information is pre-installed into onboard navigation system, and onboard navigation system gets real-time traffic information by using mobile phone. Onboard navigation system determines the fastest route to the destination by using these traffic information.

Experimental result

The average travel time was reduced by 16.2% and the average fuel economy was improved by 7.8% in the Los Angeles area driving experiment*1.
*1 Experimental conditons
  • Test area; Los Angeles
    (Los Angeles, Cypress, Corona, Long Beach, Santa Monica, Gardena, Anaheim, Mission Hills, Ontario, Santa Fe Springs, Diamond Bar etc.)
  • Number of Trips; 15
  • Experimental period: Sep.02.2008 - Sep.15.2008 7:30am-12:00pm, 1:30pm-6:00pm
NISSAN MOTOR CO., LTD, and University of California Riverside are jointly researching the effectiveness of advanced route guidance system for CO2 emission reduction.