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Controlling CVT for an intuitive driving experience
cvt_img01.jpgCVT (Continuously Variable Transmission) is a system with “stepless” gear transmission. It maintains optimum efficiency in engine rpm according to vehicle speed, resulting in improved vehicle fuel economy. At the same time, CVT is also characterized by its smooth acceleration.

Early on, Nissan developed a new logic for controlling CVT and introduced it into its vehicles. By understanding the tendencies of the driver and then estimating the optimal engine rpm, the system selects the most suitable transmission gear ratio, accelerating in line with the driver’s intentions.

As a result, the system implements both a pleasurable and intuitive driving experience, and low fuel consumption.

Technology Functionality

In order to attain a pleasurable driving experience, the system expanded computer processing capacities. This allowed the system to select the optimal engine rpm from over 1,000 patterns according to adjustment of the accelerator and vehicle speed.

Nissan calls this Linear Shift Control. Engine rpm naturally rises when accelerating, resulting in a smooth feeling of acceleration.

Technology Configuration

The system sensitively perceives the current driving situation through always calculating the car’s driving conditions, such as the gradient load or cornering load. It determines if the vehicle is driving in a city, cruising along a highway, or on a winding rural road.

The system communicates the driving conditions and driving tendencies to the CVT Control Unit, so it can then select the transmission pattern most suitable for the current driving scenario. Through this process, the system achieves both improved fuel economy and a fun, intuitive driving experience.