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safe_image01.jpg Nissan aims to halve the number of fatal and serious injuries from accidents involving Nissan vehicles in Japan by 2015 compared with 1995. Based on analysis of real-world accidents, Nissan has been working progressively to design and engineer safer vehicles.
Nissan incorporated its Safety Shield approach within its existing safety technologies in fiscal 2004. The vehicle activates various barriers according to the circumstances, from normal driving to post-accident, to provide continuous support against dangerous situations.

Triple Layered Approach

At Nissan, we seek to make vehicles that provide a rich and joyful driving experience, while offering outstanding dependability and safety to assure peace of mind.
In addition to enhancing safety of the cars themselves, Nissan is applying ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems) concepts and pursuing research to provide drivers with information about other vehicles and pedestrians beyond the range of sight.

Nissan approaches safety not only from the standpoint of vehicle safety and the traffic environment, but also from the standpoint of the individual, through educational activities and driver training.
To achieve a safer "automobile society," we are not only building safer vehicles, but also improving the environment surrounding cars and their drivers through ITS applications and enhancing people's awareness of safety issues through educational activities.
Triple Layered Approach

Nissan’s Safety Technology Development Concept

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