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Long-term goal for reducing CO2

co2reductionTo mitigate global warming, projections indicate that it is necessary to stabilize atmospheric CO2 below 450ppm by the year 2100. With this goal in mind, Nissan has set a target for 2050 of reducing new car CO2 emissions by 90%, compared to year 2000 levels. Nissan is taking a multi-pronged approach to achieving this mid-term goal.

Triple Layered Approach

Achieving a substantial reduction of CO2 emissions requires compressive efforts encompassing not only vehicles themselves but also individual drivers and the traffic environment.
Toward that end, Nissan is working to improve the fuel economy of conventional engines and transmissions and to develop electric-powered vehicles. Moreover, Nissan is also moving ahead with a wide range of other activities from various perspectives. This includes installing an "eco-meter" in the instrument panel to show real-time fuel consumption and the provision of probe-vehicle traffic information to drivers as ways of supporting eco-driving. It also involves the development of Intelligent Transport System (ITS) technologies for improving the traffic environment such as by reducing congestion.

Nissan's Environmental Undertaking

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