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Reforming Corporate Governance

In November 2018 Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. announced it had confirmed matters related to the misconduct of the company’s former Chairman and other individuals that had been discovered through an internal investigation spurred by whistleblower reporting. In light of this incident, we recognized the urgency of reforming and strengthening our system of corporate governance, and in December 2018 established the Special Committee for Improving Governance, which consists of three independent outside directors and four independent third-party committee members. In line with the recommendations of the committee, in March 2019 it was confirmed that preparations would be made to transition to a company with three statutory committees in order to construct a sound system to serve as a foundation for future business activities.
The Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders held on June 25, 2019 approved amendments to the articles of incorporation and the transition to a company with three statutory committees, marking the start of the new system. In addition, in order to facilitate the new system, detailed rules and policies were established or amended on for the new system of governance, including corporate governance guidelines, standards of director independence, board and committee regulations, and general internal control policies.
Governance is the foundation of our corporate activities and an indispensable part of being a company that is trusted by society. We will continue to engage in our efforts to improve corporate governance as a top-priority management issue, while also developing our business activities with an eye to the demands of society and our social responsibility so that we can contribute to the development of a sustainable society.

Message from Chair of the Board of Directors Yasushi Kimura

Yasushi Kimura

Yasushi Kimura
Chair of the Board of Directors
Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.