What is the Nissan Green Program?
Nissan regards the following three issues as paramount: reducing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions; minimizing emissions to preserve the atmosphere, water and soil; and the recycling of resources (reduce/reuse/recycle). The Nissan Green Program is a mid-term environmental action plan with focused objectives and activities meant to tackle these three key issues. We achieved virtually all of the objectives we set for the previous plan, Nissan Green Program 2005. The Nissan Green Program 2010 sets new objectives and plans between now and 2010.
Our goal is to reduce CO2 emissions in all areas of Nissan's corporate endeavors. Our ultimate goal is to reduce the environmental impacts caused by corporate activities such as manufacturing and usage of Nissan vehicles to stay within the Earth's natural ability to absorb such impacts

This symbol embodies our desire to expand the globe with more greenery.