NISSAN GREEN PROGRAM Seeking a symbiosis of people, vehicles and nature Nissan's philosophy toward the environment, "Seeking a symbiosis of people, vehicles and nature," describes our ideal for a sustainable mobile society, now and in the future. We launched the Nissan Green Program with specific objectives to realize this goal, and we are pursuing it energetically.
To contribute to the creation of a sustainable mobile society, Nissan continues to seek new ways to address environmental challenges . Our primary focus at the moment is a reduction in CO2 emissions. We are taking action not just for the present generation but for future ones as well, striving to preserve our global environment.
Nissan is aiming to become a "sincere eco-innovator."
For our planet's present and future generations
0   Sincere
To pro-actively address the environmental challenges and reduce the load on the environment
0   Eco-innovator
To develop a sustainable mobile society, we will provide customers with innovative technology in our products
We are committed to pursue auto manufacturing that takes the environment into consideration
The Nissan Powertrain Roadmap
We are determined to continue improving efficiency and fuel economy of gasoline-fueled engines. At the same time, we are developing hybrid and plug-in hybrid cars, fuel-cell vehicles and electric cars as part of our mid- to long-term vision.