August 23, 2011

Infiniti China Discusses Growth Plans with the Global Media Center

Q1. How is Infiniti performing in China ?


The year 2011 is a good year for us. For Q1, we have already achieved almost year-on-year growth ratio of around 68 percent. As you know, there was the earthquake impact of Q2. After the recovery plan, we are confident about this year, we are very optimistic to make the target of 20,000 units this year.

Q2. What about the wider luxury market?


Just take for example in year 2010, the year on year luxury TIV (total industry volume) increase was around 65 percent. As you can see, China is the fastest growing market worldwide for the luxury segment, which Infiniti enjoys. On the other hand, a lot of key players are here, which means Infiniti also feels strong competition from their competitors. Under such circumstances, Infiniti is trying its best to accelerate dealer-network setup and also try to introduce products, especially products catered to the Chinese market.

Q3. How is the Infiniti brand perceived in China?


We have already attracted a lot of young customers who are well-educated. They are some kind of a challenger, they don’t want to be conventional or traditional. They are non-traditionalists, they are performance seekers and also they want to stand out from the crowd.

Q4. How will the Chinese luxury market evolve in the next few years?


In the future, it’s still growing but maybe a little bit of a slowdown. There is a new policy in the Beijing market about the registration limitation, so this is a little bit of flat growth, but still it is in a fast growing trend compared to the international auto market. I think Infiniti will also enjoy this kind of a trend.