June 29, 2011

Nissan Recovery Stories -Japan Logistics-

Nissan Global Media Center interviewed Kiyoshi Onoe, General Manager of Parts Logistics Department

Q1. What is the situation at Honmoku Wharf? How was it after the earthquake?


Thanks to the hard work of our employees, affiliates and suppliers, we are getting ready to return to normal by the end of June. Honmoku Wharf is a parts-supply base for overseas markets along with three others in Kyushu, Aichi and Fuji. Normally, 400 containers are shipped abroad daily from the four bases, but all were halted because of the March 11 quake. We had no idea what would happen next. We couldn’t begin to make a forecast.

Q2. What has been the response since the earthquake?


After the quake we needed to resume immediately, but we couldn’t do it by ourselves. Two key points helped us restart operations. First, people from overseas plants in ten countries came here to help. It wasn’t just to secure their own parts, but for others too. In some cases, they adjusted production by stopping working overtime or Saturdays, which made it easier for us to resume shipments without confusion. Second, everyone working at Honmoku, Kyushu, Aichi and Fuji never gave up trying to restart operations. This was most important.

Q3. When did you sense operations would return to normal?


At the beginning of April, everyone was having a hard time and nothing seemed to go right. We began to see the light around late April and were certain of our plans by May.

Q4. How do you feel about the way employees pulled together?


Everyone worked really hard. People gave up their Golden Week holidays and those on the ground did a good job. Everyone wanted to return to normal by June and worked with that goal in mind. In this sense, we really did a wonderful job. The employees are great.