April 20, 2011

Iwaki Factory Back on Line

Iwaki - April 20- (NMC) Morning at Nissan's Iwaki factory, as production at one of the world's major engine plants resumes.

The East Japan Earthquake of March 11 halted operations at the Iwaki plant, which began production in 1994.

Nissan President and CEO Carlos Ghosn visited the quake-damaged factory at the end of March, vowing to resume output at the Fukushima plant in April

This week Nissan staff in Iwaki made good on that promise.

Hidetoshi Imazu, Nissan's Executive Vice President of Manufacturing and Supply Chain Management, told workers on Tuesday that Japan and all the world cheer the factory coming on line again.

"The world's customers are waiting for engines made in Iwaki." "Iwaki is the engine for the revival of Fukushima and the Tohoku region." said Hidetoshi Imazu.

The record 9.0 magnitude earthquake, and over 1,000 aftershocks, caused extensive damage to the Iwaki plant, which has taken over a month to address.

Iwaki, home to one of Nissan's two engine plants in Japan and the largest manufacturing city in the quake-stricken Tohoku region, makes about 376,000 engines annually.

Iwaki was the last Nissan plant to come back on line, and full production at the plant is expected to resume as early as June.