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Sales and Service Quality

Global Nissan Sales and Service Quality Creating "Customer Experience Excellence"

Effective management of Sales and Service Quality across all major National Sales Companies (NSC) will ensure that our customers experience the level of care that exceeds their expectations when they either purchase a new Nissan vehicle or bring their vehicle into a Nissan dealership for servicing, thereby enhancing overall customer satisfaction, advocacy, loyalty and the Nissan brand.

[ Our objectives for FY2016 ]

To achieve "Top Level" Sales & Service Quality in Japan, USA, Europe, China and other 9 major countries.

Why and how Nissan aims to achieve Top Level Sales and Service Quality

Nissan has developed a strategy which forms part of our Sales Power pillar under Nissan power 88, our new mid term plan. This strategy leverages the work we have already completed over the past recent years whilst incorporating many new elements and initiatives under a new management structure and organization. Nissan has aligned these activities and developed a new Global direction for Sales & Service Quality under the banner of "Customer Experience Excellence (CEE)", a critical element of the Nissan "Sales Power" pillar. To achieve CEE, Nissan and its dealers must treat all customers in a way that offers them a very real Top Level Sales & Service Quality experience and encourages them to return to Nissan for all their servicing needs, plus their future vehicle needs when they are ready to either replace or purchase an additional vehicle in the future. Linking the Customer Experience back to the business in this manner is critical and is the overall reason why CEE and Sales & Service Quality is under the scope of "Sales Power".

Key activities of CEE

As stated, our overall CEE objective is to achieve "Top Level" Sales & Service Quality as measured by our Primary KPI, using the competitive sales and service CS surveys in each market. The results of these Primary KPI measurements are then analyzed, correlation is built to the internal satisfaction surveys conducted by each NSC (Sub primary KPI) and Secondary or Action KPI's are set to monitor and support the progress of the NSC based Action Plan. Within this process we have initiatives such as Rejecter and Defector surveys which allow us to understand the reasons why our prospects and owners do not spend their money with Nissan. These surveys identify our major weaknesses in each area from the perspective of a person who chose not to buy or service from Nissan. This is very powerful data and allows us to not only look at Sales & Service Quality from a satisfaction perspective. Improving Tech Line activities and the quality of technical support to our dealers is also a key focus. Nissan will also be working on improved, more customer focused vehicle and parts availability as a key focus. Both can either contribute or take away from our overall satisfaction results. Parts availability is especially critical as it can very much affect our ability to repair customer vehicles and of course our F1 (Fix it Right the First Time) results. These are just a few of the initiatives Nissan is planning and in some cases already implementing for FY2011. Our team will continue to strive for success across all areas in support of CEE and Sales Power.

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