Quality Initiatives


Perceived quality (PQ)

What is Perceived Quality?

The term "Perceived Quality" refers to the quality that customers acknowledge via the look, the touch, and the feel of a car. For example, in a showroom, the customer would first take a glance around the car, then open the door, sit on the seat, and check the quality of the details. At Nissan, we are systematically working on techniques to enhance both the quality feel and the craftsmanship perceivable through the fives senses.

  • "LOOK"
  • "TOUCH"
  • "FEEL"

The Goal of Perceived Quality

Nissan's quality enhancement program clearly illustrates the quality enhancement target and techniques to be employed in achieving them.
The aim of this program is to gain a thorough customer understanding for Nissan to become capable in providing customers with products possessing unparalleled attractiveness.

Below are examples of activities exercised at Nissan in achieving these goals:

  1. Understand customer sensitivity via meticulous researches of what people find to be attractive to deliver competitive products to customers.
  2. Deliver high quality automobiles by paying close attention to the details and to their treatments.
  3. Incorporate attractive Perceived Quality items ahead of competitors based on forecast of future technological and market trends.

Examples of Perceived Quality's Achievements

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