On the Research Front Lines

Dr. Maarten Sierhuis

SIR Mr. Lucian Andrei Gheorghe

Expert Leader Dr. Tetsuro Ueda

Manager Ms. Maki Hoshino

Researcher Dr. Yasuhito Sano

Researcher Dr. Atsushi Ito

Researcher Mr. Yuji Saito

Researcher Ms. Fang Fang

* position as of December 2016 * SIR(Senior Innovation Researcher): SIR scheme was introduced in FY2012 in Nissan. Purpose of SIR scheme is to recruit and nominate outstanding external/internal researchers who are able to achieve innovative research results revolutionizing the Mobility so-called 'Game Changer' in Nissan. SIRís compensation is high return/high risk depending on their research results within 3 years as a contract period. Global Career Website > Global Career Website