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North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) 2019

COBO Center, Detroit, USA

Press Preview: January 14-15
Industry Preview: January 16-17
Charity Preview: January 18
Open to Public: January 19-27

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Nissan IMs
While closer to a sedan than a crossover, the IMs concept's revolutionary proportions create a vehicle segment all of its own. It is defined by its pure electric-vehicle identity, with the battery located under the body, elevating cabin height. Its stretched interior space, a result of the vehicle's extended wheelbase, features unique "2+1+2" seating architecture with pivoting front seats and a rear seat that either offers three-across seating, or, once the slim rear outboard seats are folded, an indulgent "Premier Seat" in the rear center, worthy of world-class executive travel.

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