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Tokyo Motor Show 2017

Tokyo Big Sight, Tokyo

Press Days: October 25-26
Preview Day : October 27
Open to Public: October 28-November 5

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World Premier

Nissan IMx
The Nissan IMx zero-emission concept vehicle adopts Nissan's new EV platform, designed for maximum efficiency. It allows the floor to be completely flat, resulting in a cavernous cabin and enhanced driving dynamics. With a low center of gravity, the chassis delivers sharp handling that promises to redefine the crossover segment.
The powerful yet quiet powertrain delivers enhanced excitement. The IMx is propelled by a pair of high-output electric motors at the front and rear, giving it all-wheel-drive capability. They combine to produce 320 kW of power and an astounding 700 Nm of torque, sourced from a high-capacity battery which has been redesigned and re-engineered for increased energy density. This new battery supports a driving range of more than 600 kilometers on a single charge, so occupants can enjoy an extended adventure without worrying about recharging.

Concept Car

The NISMO Concept version of the new LEAF has a sporty new exterior designed by NISMO, Nissanís motorsports and in-house tuning division. The application of NISMO racing technology to the carís body results in enhanced aerodynamic performance and less lift, without sacrificing the LEAFís excellent drag coefficient. The black interior features NISMOís signature red accents, creating an exciting, high-performance feel.
On the road, the LEAF NISMO Concept offers a truly exciting drive. This is thanks to a sport-tuned suspension and high-performance tires, not to mention a custom-tuned computer that delivers instant acceleration at all speeds. The LEAF NISMO Concept combines the environmentally friendly character of an electric car with the exciting driving experience thatís always been a hallmark of the NISMO brand.


Serena NISMO
The Serena NISMO offers NISMOís sporting technology Ė head-turning styling and exhilarating performance Ė without sacrificing the base modelís family-friendly, utilitarian nature. The exterior design appropriately reflects NISMOís performance-oriented nature, with custom aero parts that enhance the aggressiveness of its appearance. Inside, occupants will enjoy NISMOís signature red accents.
The Serena NISMO features sharper handling, thanks to a custom sport-tuned suspension system. A new engine control module and exhaust system add extra excitement and flair to the overall driving experience.

Nissanís premium sports sedan has always featured cutting-edge technology that stirs the driverís emotions. All Skyline models now come with Nissanís All-Around Safety Shield technology. This can be combined with the high-performance, environmentally friendly hybrid system and Direct Adaptive Steering, which provides intuitive handling for easier and safer driving.
Changes to the Skyline include a revamped exterior and new aluminum wheel designs that spice up what was already one of the most attractive vehicles in its class. Inside the cabin, the steering wheel and shift knob are new, as is the instrument panelís surface finish, giving the interior an even higher premium quality.

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