Tabletop Hemming

Tabletop Hemming

Fast, Accurate Hemming in a Compact Tabletop Unit

Nissan has been using tabletop hemming machines since 1999, making it an industry forerunner in this technology. Today these units are in use at many Nissan manufacturing sites in Japan and elsewhere around the world.
Tabletop hemming is a highly adaptable process. It can be used in a variety of cases where conventional hemming equipment is less suitable, such as for high-mix, low-volume production, for crafting specialized forms, or in sites where space is limited.
Through long years of development and refinement, Nissan has achieved highly durable, reliable and safe hemming machines. Together with Yanagita IW Corp., Nissan has codeveloped and commercialized products using this technology. These solutions have been on the market since 2007.

Tabletop Hemming Features,More compact than other hemming equipment,Suitable for high-mix, low-volume production,Flexibly adaptable to production of aftermarket/replacement parts,Modular equipment allows for high degree of versatility


  • More compact than other hemming equipment
  • Suitable for high-mix, low-volume production
  • Flexibly adaptable to production of aftermarket/replacement parts
  • Modular equipment allows for high degree of versatility

Tabletop vs. Conventional Hemming

  Tabletop hemmingPress hemming
Can be used for actual sequence production?YesNo
Space needed for hemming line for 4 parts90m2225m2
Can be used for hemming of unusual designs?Yes
(some angle restrictions apply)
(serious restrictions on unit layout)
Cost per dieSimilar costs


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