#4 Our Products “Qashqai / Dualis” Oct, 2008

3. Increasing production capacity and introducing Qashqai+2.

For FY2008, strong sales continue for Qashqai.

  • Sales continue to increase in FY2008 (from April 2008). Cumulative sales for the five months from April to August is 75,000 units (up 46% year-on-year). Since its introduction, total units sold is 247,000 units.
  • As of June 2008, which is more than a year after its introduction, there are over 50,000 customers waiting for delivery.
  • To meet growing demand, projection capacity at the Sunderland Plant was increased with the addition of 800 workers for the start of a 24-hour production shift at the end of June 2008.
  • In addition to a wide range offering, a compact diesel engine (1.5L) and a gasoline engine (1.6L) are supporting sales, as they adhere to a newly-launched European taxation systems, where tax charges differ depending on the amount of CO2 emissions.

In addition, Qashqai+2, a 7-seater vehicle with an additional third-row seat, was introduced in October 2008. This crossover vehicle is targeted at young families and offers a versatile and wide interior.

Qashqai+2 features:

  • Added length (+211mm) and height (+38mm)
  • Full flat three-row seating
  • Under floor storage with a larger load area
  • Unique styling and extra standard equipment
  • Diverse range, which is also featured for Qashqai:
    • Two gasoline and two diesel models
    • Two and four-wheel drive
    • Three grades available

In order to enhance corporate value, Nissan will continue to offer attractive new products during the five years of NISSAN GT 2012, its new mid-term business plan. Among these products, there are models like Qashqai, which will create new markets. This will contribute to Nissan's market expansion worldwide and profit-earning opportunity. Continue to expect the best from Nissan.

* All photos featured are Dualis.

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